Skin Whitening Forever: A Sham Or A Break Through Product?

If you’re searching for a skin treatment solution, you’re likely going to be bombarded with a plethora of options, which makes it harder to chose the most credible one.

In this post we try to decipher whether Eden Diaz’s natural skin treatment solution is the real deal or just another craze that will pass.

What Is It?

Skin Whitening Forever is a solution created purely from natural ingredients. It is meant to heal your skin of many common imperfections as well as brighten your overall complexion.

It is delivered in eBook format and you can access the content right away. Once you get started with the manual you’ll immediately realize that it is relatively shorter than the typical self-help manual, comprising just 79 pages of content.

The information provided is professional and well researched, based on Diaz’s vast experience as a dermatologist.

There’s a collection of remedies that  treat various skin conditions. All the remedies are home made and easy to make. You are required to apply the remedies continuously until the desired results start to appear.

All the remedies in the solution work more or less the same way; they minimize melanin production in the skin. Melanin is what gives the skin its dark pigmentation. The ingredients in Diaz’s solution work on your skin gently, causing no harsh side effects. They do not destroy the melanin completely because it still plays an important role in your skin’s makeup. Instead the ingredients minimize the amount of melanin produced.

It’s also worth noting that your skin is not bleached when you apply this solution. It is simply made lighter naturally as the amount of melanin reduces.

While using this solution, avoid over exposure to UV light from the sun.  Since some of the ingredients make your skin  more sensitive to light (such as lemon juice), direct exposure to sunlight may cause damage to inner layers.

A Total Skin Solution

One of the things that make this solution stand out is that it treats a whole lot of other skin ailments.

As a naturopathic practitioner, Diaz uses a holistic approach to treating the skin. This approach is advantageous in that it seeks to improve your overall health. Thus as an added benefit you gain improvements in other areas of your life, which in turn shows through the health of your skin.

The saying that you are what you eat echoes true here. Diaz believes that when you eat junk, your skin will reflect exactly that. When you eat a healthy diet, it will still reflect through your skin’s glow and vitality.

Does It Work?

This is a 100% natural skin solution, which means that it does not include any chemicals. Since natural ingredients take a while to manifest their effect, it will be a few weeks of consistent application before you see any significant results.

The bottom line is that you need to be consistent and persistent with your use of the solution. Natural ingredients work gradually as they don’t antagonize your skin’s natural balance.





How To Prepare For A Disaster With The Family Survival System

Did you know that only a handful of American families can survive a catastrophic disaster if it befell any part of the country now? It’s a pretty grim outlook but it is reality. Not many people are prepared for sudden disasters.

The good news is that it’s never too late to prepare  for any eventuality. There are many tools to help you understand how to best deal with a major crisis.

The Family Survival System is one such system from which you learn how to prepare for difficult times regardless of what causes them.

The course was created by US Armed forces member and decorated survival expert Frank Mitchell. He provides practical skills and knowledge that you can use to save your family in a time of crisis.

As a US Armed Forces member, Frank has had both the pleasure and misfortune of witnessing some of the harshest conditions that people go through around the world. It was not all in vain as he learned some valuable life lessons especially about preparedness.

Dependence And Preparedness

As with most survival courses, Frank’s course is dedicated to transforming you into an individual that is ever prepared. In other words by the time you’re done with the course, you will have gained practical skills and techniques for surviving difficult situations, especially those that happen without warning.

In this modern day and age, we’ve become accustomed to a life of convenience. We’ve grown so accustomed to the tools and infrastructure around us that we expect everything to move smoothly perpetually. If things somehow fail, we expect that the government will fix them.

This is a dependence mindset that sets you firmly on a road to disaster.

Frank’s course not only gives you practical knowledge for tackling difficulties but also help you change from a dependence to a self-reliant mindset.

It Is Your Duty To Be Prepared

As mentioned in the previous section, adopting a self-reliant mindset is paramount in helping you prepare for disasters.

One of the key lessons taught in this course is that it is up to you to save your life and that of your family in times of danger. It is therefore your duty to be prepared.

In any case, it is every individual’s duty to be prepared for a crisis. Although the government has a duty to ensure safety for all her citizens, being 100% at the mercy  of government may prove a bad idea when disaster strikes.

Keep in mind that any emergency services extended by government will never be enough in a time of crisis. As a prepared citizen, you can help reduce the burden on public emergency services.

So as a good citizen, take steps to equip yourself adequately with the skills to help you survive a difficult situation.


If you have a family, you know that it is your responsibility to ensure their safety at all times. Don’t wait for a crisis  to put their future in balance; take steps and prepare for the worst using the tips and techniques shared in Frank Mitchell’s survival course.



How To Know What Men Secretly Want

Trying to decipher a man’s mind? No doubt this is a daunting undertaking that most women never manage to succeed
at. The thing is that men are good at keeping their emotions intact. In fact, men have been raised to show no
emotion, and as such, they tend to be difficult to understand in relationships.

But that does not mean that you cannot learn how to understand a man’s needs. In any case, James Bauer makes it so easy to decipher what’s on a man’s mind that you’ll wonder what took you so long to locate his popular manual What Men Secretly Want.

This manual is designed for women and is meant to be a guide for them in their quest to get good grasp of how a man’s psyche works. It is a well written course that unravels the mystery of the male mind and offers techniques on how to get a man to fall deeply in love with you.

The course does not advocate the use of manipulation tactics to lure men into relationships they are not comfortable in. Instead it makes use of powerful psychology to understand what a man is thinking about in a relationship.

What Does The Course Entail?

There’s a ton of info in this course. However the central idea is known as the Respect Principle, the concept that men would rather much take respect than receive lots of love.

According to James Bauer, respect can make or break your relationship and while may sound strange, it is not hard to see why. When a man feels respected, the rest of the things that determine success in a relationship sort of fall i n place automatically.
For instance according to James Bauer, a man is more likely to open up about his feelings when he feels totally respected by his woman.

If you have no idea what to do to show respect to your man, James Bauer lays it all out nicely. Once you start applying the techniques on him, they trigger feelings of intense attraction in him. In the end you enjoy a more rewarding relationship with your lover and you’ll connect with him on a much deeper level.

Key Techniques You Learn

As mentioned Earlier, there’s a wealth of information provided in this manual. However there are some key
concepts that are particularly worth mentioning:

  • Why a man may not hear you when you talk in a certain way. In addition you learn how to turn this to your advantage.
  • How to respond to an aloof man. It’s pretty common for men to become distant and quiet all of a sudden. James  Bauer deciphers this troubling occurrence and offers ways around it.
  • The words and phrases to stay away from. In addition to this point, James Bauer also shares some important info  on what to say and never say to a man if you plan on keeping him as your husband.
  • How to talk to men in an exciting way.


You no longer have to suffer emotionally because you don’t understand your man. James Bauer’s guide does a superb job of helping you understand male psyche in a relationship. The results are well worth the effort and money you invest in this course.




Important Points About The Make Women Want You Course

The popular attraction course Make Women Want You has received a lot of revving reviews in recent months but what is it about this course that makes it tick?

The Basic Details

The course is a product of renowned attraction guru Jason Capital. It is specifically aimed at young men who want to gain an edge in the game of attraction and wooing women.

The course covers many basic and advanced attraction techniques that help build self-confidence. Throughout the course Jason shares real-life examples he uses on different women, with amazing success.

At the end of the course you will have gained a firm grasp of how attraction works with women and how you can maximize  attraction in a woman with every new encounter.

As we’ll see in the next section, this course mainly focuses on making a statement during the initial encounter with a woman. Specifically it deals with techniques that build sexual tension in a woman you’ve recently met. It is not so much about how to date a woman although there are a few pointers here and there.

The Key Points In The Content

Jason’s attraction course focuses on practical attraction techniques that you can apply instantly.

Perhaps the intro chapter couldn’t be more fitting of a manual that is aimed at changing the mindsets of young men about dating; the author starts by debunking a couple of long held myths about approaching women.

So after this much needed mind cleanse the course delves into the real techniques for creating attraction.

Unique Attraction Formula

After years of coaching men in dating and attraction techniques, Jason devised a formula for success that he believes works magic on any woman if applied correctly. The 3-step formula comprises three components: attraction, small talk, and escalation. Each of these is explained in detail and Jason offers real-word examples of how they are applied.

Pickup Lines

As you will find out when you read Jason’s manual, he is not big on pickup lines but he does acknowledge their part in getting a woman’s attention.

Jason’s approach is to use pickup lines in a clever unison with the natural game. According to him, pickup lines should not be your main style of approach. Rather, you should infuse them with your natural style and game, and mostly when you’re out of words to say.

The Bar Scenario

There’s a section in Jason’s manual where he focuses solely on the bar or pub scene, although it also applies to any casual public place. The highlight in this section is how to become the most attractive guy among the crowd.

Of course there’s a number of things involved here especially your style, grooming, and approach. Jason shares some important techniques that make you standout and noticed.


There’s no doubt that this course will greatly change the way you approach women. Reading through the book gives you the feeling that Jason knows exactly what he is talking about. He is also realistic about the success levels you can attain with each scenario, which is a good thing.